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Dorade trophies Honolulu, Hawaii - July 26, 2013 - The gala Awards Ceremony for the 47th Transpac is always a festive and at times raucous affair, with dozens of trophies awarded to individuals and teams who participated in the race. With a rich and diverse history stretching back to the first race held in 1906, there is an impressive collection of perpetual trophies, some of which are gorgeous works of art rendered in wood, silver, pewter, crystal and other materials. Read more..

Final standings Final standings with corrected times for Transpac2013 can be viewed by clicking here. Link will open in a new browser window or tab. Read more..

Beecom Honolulu, Hawaii – July 24, 2013 – Isao Mita’s 2011 Judel/Vrolijk-designed TP 52 Beecom has won the first-ever class formed to score Transpac entries under the High Performance Rating system (HPR). In all nine boats from Divisions 1 and 2 agreed to have HPR certificates issued and scored for this race. Read more..

White Knight Honolulu, Hawaii – July 23, 2013 – Weakening trade winds have kept early finishers safe in their corrected time positions, as the last few boats come in to the finish at Diamond Head in the 2013 Transpac. The irregular wind conditions have made boat tracking on the Yellowbrick system an imperfect measure of ETA’s and thus hard on the Aloha party planners ashore, but once ashore the hospitality offered has been gratefully well-received. Read more..

Dorade Honolulu, Hawaii – July 22, 2013 – With about one fourth the fleet still making their final approaches into the finish in today’s light winds, the windows of opportunities have now been closed for anyone to challenge the top three overall finishers in the 2013 Transpac. On the strength of starting in perfect wind conditions, carrying these through the race, and with a comprehensive refit and well-developed performance program on a classic yacht, Matt Brooks’ 1929 Sparkman & Stephens-designed 52-foot wooden yawl Dorade has earned overall victory in this 47th edition of the race, organized by the Transpacific YC and held biennially since 1906. Read more..

Beecom heading to finish Honolulu, Hawaii – July 21, 2013 – A few years after the ULDB 70 Sled heydays of the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Transpacific YC commissioned a new class of fast offshore race boats to provide similar speeds but in smaller more modern shapes to do its signature Transpac race to Hawaii, but to also be fit for other races around the world. The TransPac 52 was born, and ever since the this box-rule design has evolved from being designed for coastal and offshore races in California to being used as the world’s premier inshore racing class at venues in the Mediterranean and beyond. Read more..

Dorade heading to finish Honolulu, Hawaii – July 20, 2013 – Over its long history since first being sailed in 1906, the 2225-mile LA-Honolulu Transpac race has attracted a rich diversity of boat types, and among the nine additional entries that today crossed the finish line today at Diamond Head, there were two outstanding examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum in race boat design and build technology. In 1929, the brand-new yacht design firm of Sparkman & Stephens was given a commission to design a fast offshore sailing yacht. Read more..

KIHO and ten quarter skippers Honolulu, Hawaii - July 20, 2013 - For many in the Transpac, the race is about challenging the elements and themselves to make the fastest possible race to the finish at Diamond Head. But for two Japanese teams in Division 7, there was more to it than that - there was rivalry and pride. Read more..

Ragamuffin 100 finishes Transpac 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii – July 19, 2013 – At 18:17:26 today local Hawaii time, Syd Fischer’s Elliott 100 Ragamuffin 100 crossed the finish line at Diamond Head to be the fastest monohull to complete the 2225-mile course in the 2013 Transpac. For this feat Ragamuffin and its crew of 20 will be awarded the Merlin Trophy, dedicated in 2009 by Trisha Steele and named for the Bill Lee-designed and built boat that in 1977 set a new course record that stood for 20 years and ushered in a new age of high speed offshore race boat design. Read more..

Manatea finishing Transpac 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii – July 19th, 2013 – Showing a remarkably steady track in their 2225-mile journey from the start in Los Angeles, Bob Hayward’s Seastream 650 Manatea was today the first monohull yacht to cross the finish line here at Diamond Head at 10:10:57 Hawaii time in the 47th bienniel Transpac. Having been in the first wave of yachts who started at Point Fermin on Monday, July 8th, the dark blue cruising yacht completed the course in an elapsed time of 11 days 10 minutes 57 seconds. Read more..

Lending Club finishing Transpac 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii – July 18, 2013 – After a long trip that included a wide range of conditions and a chance at a course record, John Sangmeister’s Lending Club is the first boat in the fleet to cross the finish line of the 47th Transpac at Diamond Head tonight at 21:52:33 local time, for an elapsed time of 5 days 11 hours 52 minutes 33 seconds over the 2225-mile course. The modified ORMA 73 trimaran was sailed by a crew of nine and was just a few hours from breaking the fully-crewed multihull course record of 5 days 9 hours 18 minutes 26 seconds set in 1997 by the 86-foot catamaran Explorer, due in part to damage sustained from two separate impact incidents that damaged the carbon fiber centerboard on the boat. Read more..

dorade hatguy 665x400 July 17, 2013, San Pedro, CA – In the last 48 hours most of the 58 entries in the 47th biennial LA-Honolulu Transpac are now at the halfway point or beyond on this 2225-mile ocean racing classic that started in three waves last week. The days have gone from cool and overcast to warm and sunny as the teams dry out, relax, and make their final downwind push to the islands. Read more..

phaedo dismast 665x400 July 15, 2013 -- San Pedro, CA -- It was a glorious day for some teams, but not great for others today in the 2225-mile LA-Honolulu Race organized by the Transpacific YC, or the Transpac. Earlier today the Transpacific YC received the following report: "At 1830 UTC (1130 PDT) Phaedo dismasted in location 28 58. Read more..

west-end 665x400 July 14, 2013, San Pedro, CA – It’s been almost twenty-four hours now since the last wave of boats crossed the start line, so the entire fleet of 58 entries from eight countries are now on the race course of the 47th Transpac, with the next stop Honolulu. For some this has been a fast trip so far, and for others a mix of fast and slow, but at the moment everyone is moving well down the course, in three distinct groups defined by their start date. Read more..

start3 article top July 13, 2013, San Pedro, CA – Sunny skies and 8-10 knots of westerly breeze provided perfect conditions to the final start of the 2013 Transpacific Yacht Club’s race from LA to Honolulu, the Transpac. After a celebration send-off from Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, twenty-one of the fleet’s fastest monohulls and two large fast multihulls started at 1300 local Pacific Daylight Time today off Point Fermin on the their way to the finish at Honolulu’s Diamond Head, 2225-miles away. Read more..

miller hospital top LONG BEACH - Crew members of the Transpac Yacht Race stopped by Miller Children's Hospital on Wednesday, sharing slices of a Pacific adventure with the pediatric patients. In the photo above Isabel Santana, 9, of Lynwood visits with Robert Pithick, skipper for the Bretwalda 3, that will be competing in the Transpacific Yacht Club Transpac Honolulu Race. Read more..

Second start of Transpac 2013 July 11, 2013, San Pedro, CA – Unseasonably overcast rainy skies greeted the 21 starters today in the 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, or the Transpac. The teams representing Australian, Canada, Japan, and the USA set off at 1300 local time from the start line off Point Fermin in San Pedro at 1300 Pacific Daylight Time for the 2225-mile race to Diamond Head, just east of Honolulu. Read more..

71013 yb positons July 10, 2013, San Pedro, CA – Another wave of three classes will be setting off into the sunset tomorrow for the second start to the 2013 Transpacifc Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, or the Transpac. Twenty-one boats representing Australian, Canada, Japan, and the USA will set off from the start line off Point Fermin in San Pedro at 1300 Pacific Daylight Time for the 2225-mile race to the finish off Diamond Head, just east of Honolulu. Read more..

July 8, 2013, San Pedro, CA – Today perfect Southern California conditions greeted the 14 entries in the first of three starts of the 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, or the Transpac. The skippers and crews on these offshore yachts enjoyed sunny skies and 15 knots of westerly breeze. Read more..

2013logo 665x400 The Transpacific YC regrets that the entry for the yacht B’Quest – Challenged America in Division 7 has been withdrawn by the TPYC Board for non-compliance with entry requirements for this race. Specifically, B’Quest – Challenged America failed to meet a June 23rd deadline for not completing the required safety inspection procedure, nor asked for any extension to that deadline. Read more..

2013 Aloha Sendoff Hula girls July 7, 2013, Los Angeles, CA – Tomorrow at 1:00 PM local time, the first of three waves of offshore yachts will start their 2225-mile journey to Honolulu in the 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race, aka the Transpac. This epic biennial race, in its 47th edition and organized by the Transpacific Yacht Club, this year features 59 entries from eight countries spread into 9 divisions. Read more..

mark-rudiger-navigation-trophy The Mark Rudiger Navigation Trophy for Transpac Navigators are a huge component to the success of any Transpac team. Nowadays the act of determining the boat’s position is merely a push-button operation, but for most of the history of this race getting position data was an art in itself. Read more..

july2 2013 maserati Our friend, and very talented photographer, Jen Edney made the trip down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego with the crew aboard Maserati, and sent us these beautiful, life-capturing shots. Maserati spent several months in the SF Bay after completing the record run from New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn, with a blistering time of 47 days, two hours and 33 minutes; besting the previous record by an incredible 10 days! Read more..

july2 2013 phaedo Transpac has always attracted a wide variety of crews and their boats to pursue their dream of sailing to Hawaii. These range from classics to the ultra modern, monohulls to multihulls. Read more..

Milan, 2 July 2013 – Maserati S.p.A. has just announced Giovanni Soldini's next challenge at the helm of the 70 ft Maserati monohull: they will participate in the 47th Transpac Race. Read more..

Peter Isler (pictured above), world class navigator and sailor, will present his Expedition - Navigating and Routing Seminar on June 29 at Gladstone's Restaurant in Long Beach. The seminar will focus on Transpac race strategy, optimal routing, GRIB files for wind and current, and many of the·powerful capabilities of Expedition software. Read more..

Rainbow over Transpac HQ Ala Wai Yacht Harbor Newport Beach, CA – Organizers from the Transpacific Yacht Club (TPYC) have announced the starting dates for their 47th edition of this classic biennial race from Los Angeles to Honolulu to be held in July 2013. The first start will be on Monday, July 8th, 2013, with subsequent starts planned for Thursday, July 11th and Saturday, July 13th. Read more..

Transpac is pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Modern Honolulu hotel to offer special rates for Transpac 2013. Click here for more info. Read more..

Pasha HawaiiPasha Hawaii is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race. As a race participant, you are invited to utilize Pasha Hawaii's ocean shipping services to transport your vessel safely home from Honolulu. Read more..

Two great seminars for Transpac Racers and others interested coming up in the month of June. First the Transpac Team presents an Electronics and Weather Seminar on June 8 at Los Angeles YC. Learn the stuff you need to know to download and decipher free available weather information at sea. Read more..

It brings us great sadness to report that one of our Transpac family has lost his life in a pursuit that we hold close to our hearts. Pictured are Craig Williams with wife Kjersti and daughter Claire. Read more..

Transpac is pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Modern Honolulu hotel to offer special rates for Transpac 2013. The Modern Honolulu is a luxurious, full featured hotel overlooking the Ala Wai yacht harbor. Read more..

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